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Get ready for People Analytics

By definition, people analytics is the sound scientific application of quantitative and qualitative analysis methods for the purpose of better decision-making.

Do you want to take a fundamental approach to the topic of data analytics in general and people analytics in particular? We will explain the framework conditions, basic requirements and give you initial recommendations for implementing an individual people analytics strategy. The content is presented as practically as possible and illustrated with the help of examples "In HR practice". To begin with, we create a general basic understanding of how to handle data:  How is data defined What data (types) are there? What are the different levels of maturity of data analysis and when is it appropriate to use them?

In the second part, we give you a detailed insight into our p78 implementation model "Get ready for People Analytics" and specify all the necessary steps. 

What you can expect - contents of the e-book

  • Introduction to data and data analysis:
  • The 4V's of data definition
  • Structured vs. unstructured data
  • Data governance
  • Maturity level of data analysis
  • Get ready for People Analytics - p78 Implementation strategy: The recipe for getting started with data-based HR work

Language: German

Buch mit hellem türkisem Cover und Titel: People Analytics

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