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The future of modern user interfaces and mobile applications from SAP

SAP Self-Services with SAP Fiori

Where previously forms such as the vacation request had to be printed out and entered manually, SAP Self Services enables the digital handling of many HR processes in companies. SAP Self-Services (ESS/MSS/XSS) based on SAP Fiori not only simplify the day-to-day work of your HR staff, but also give employees and managers more flexibility and personal responsibility in the first place.

With the help of SAP Self-Services or Fiori-based apps, employees, managers and other process participants such as HR professionals can view and manage the respective HR data on their own authority, regardless of the time of day or night. This enhances the employee experience and data quality, reduces process runtimes and frees up valuable resources in the company. In addition to greatly shortening runtimes, this also minimizes the risk of a request being lost or incorrectly processed manually. Another advantage of SAP Employee and Manager Self Services is the transparency they provide for supervisors as well as employees. This gives managers an overview of their workforce's data, but employees also benefit, for example, by being able to check how much vacation they still have left.

Simple and intuitive applications are a prerequisite for high user acceptance and thus for the success of SAP ESS/MSS. With the current "design language" SAP Fiori and the associated UI technology SAPUI5, user-centric, responsive and easy-to-use apps can be provided - even beyond the SAP standard.

What are SAP Employee Self Services?

What are SAP Employee Self Services?

Employee self-services classically refer to employee self-administration. Employees are given access to their personnel-related data and personnel-relevant processes via specific application programs. It is precisely the variety of application fields that makes Employee Self Service an interesting personnel management tool. Among other things, employees can use SAP Employee Self Services to view and adjust their personal data profile. Corrections in time recording are also possible. A team calendar provides information about planned absences of colleagues. In addition to digital forms such as vacation requests, employees can also call up and print out time and salary statements.

What are SAP Manager Self Services?

Manager self-service allow supervisors to instantly access employee information and initiate employment-related actions. The primary goal of a manager self-service system is to provide supervisors with access to their direct reports' personnel data, such as time and attendance, leave, benefits, and performance ratings. Supervisors can use the system to create ad hoc reports and update records. With these features, managers can work more independently and complete a variety of HR and performance management tasks without involving HR or payroll.

SAP Manager Self Services offer supervisors and management extended functions such as a monthly display of upcoming anniversaries and birthdays or access to reports and evaluations on basic pay, salary developments, time balance lists, etc. of the employees in their area of responsibility. In addition, they have access to their master data and also their absences in order to be able to decide on absence requests.

What is SAP HCM Processes & Forms?

The SAP HCM Processes & Forms framework is particularly interesting for companies that want to digitize their processes across departments. With this flexible solution, HR processes and forms can be digitized in a similar way to a modular system. By streamlining processes and eliminating paper mailings, job planning processes, for example, are accelerated. Existing data can also be efficiently maintained and cleansed. Reports can be called up directly from the system at any time and ensure transparency. Special reports for management are also possible, such as an automated graphical comparison of target values and actual conditions in the entire company or in individual departments.

What is SAP Fiori? What are SAP Fiori Apps?

SAP Fiori is reduced to the essentials, simply structured and easy to use. The cross-device technology is therefore designed for SAP applications that focus on use in the desktop area and on mobile devices. It consists of role-based applications known as apps. 

With the Fiori apps (which are free for SAP user companies), SAP simplifies the user interfaces of SAP Business Suite, including SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM). The apps hide the complex process steps in the backend behind a simple, modern and mobile user interface. Typical tasks in the SAP environment can be performed via Fiori Apps in a mobile way and independent of time.Behind the intuitive and device-independent user experience of Fiori Apps are two technologies, OData and SAPUI5.

Front-end technology: SAPUI5. SAP User Interface 5 is one of the most widely used interface technologies and as a framework is ideally suited for the development of lean business applications. The HTML5-based framework ensures responsiveness and thus usability on all end devices.

Backend technology: OData. The Open Data Protocol (OData) is an HTTP-based protocol that regulates data access between compatible software systems and forms the interface between the UI5 front end and the SAP back end.

There are already over 300 different applications for SAP Fiori. For a complete list of SAP Fiori apps, see the SAP Fiori App Library. 

What are the SAP Fiori app types?

A distinction is made between three different app types:

  • Transactional apps
  • Information apps
  • Analysis apps

Transactional apps allow you to create or approve vacation requests or travel expense reimbursements, for example. Info sheets present information from business transactions, such as receipts or customer master data. The analytical apps offer you key figures and a role-based real-time insight into business transactions. To a certain extent, all apps can be adapted to the individual requirements of your company.

How do developers benefit from SAP Fiori?

Not only users benefit from SAP Fiori, but also programmers. This is because all software development steps converge centrally in the SAP HANA CloudPlatform. This not only has the advantage that it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere - even via mobile devices. In addition, the programmer can start development without prior installation and configuration and gains time.

SAP Fiori also includes various services that can be used, for example, to create user interfaces very quickly using drag & drop or to integrate back-end solutions and mobile services. In this way, entire apps can be created without writing program codes - thanks to Smart Design. Programming skills are not required; instead, the desired content is simply selected and SAP Fiori takes care of the rest. In this way, a prototype can be made available for practical tests in a short time. Smart Design can also be used to modify existing SAP systems. The principle also works for the development of on-premise applications.

From SAP Standard, best_oractice Apps, SAP processes and forms to advanced self-services

An overview of SAP Self-Services in SAP HCM

The overview below gives you an overview of which SAP Fiori apps are available for SAP HCM. On the one hand, there are some SAP standard self-services in the HR environment, a selection of our Fiori-based p78 best practice apps as well as examples for customer-specific individual solutions.

H4S4 Self Services based on SAP Fiori

These are the potentials and benefits of SAP Fiori Self-Services

  • Business applications are available at any place and time (New Work) and guarantee a holistic digital, efficient way of working.
  • Your employees experience more independence and self-determination by being able to initiate and manage "simple" processes directly and independently.

User Experience & Harmonization

  • Optimal user experience: complex issues in the HCM backend system are simplified by means of consumer­like user interfaces.
  • SAP Fiori design guidelines put the user at the center of your HR applications and ensure simple, consistent, and intuitive usability regardless of the device used 
  • Applications follow a coherent design principle across solutions, whether on-premise or in the cloud 
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Investment Protection & Durability

  • Upgrade" from SAP HCM On-Prem to H4S4: Existing solutions can be renovated or "fiorized" if required.
  • On-premise based SAP HR-IT landscapes as a guarantee of individual solutions and freedoms

We accompany you during the implementation and development

Our Offer

  1. ​​​Development of a common target picture and evaluation of SAP-based solution approaches
    When should the SAP Fiori standard be used, when are extensions to the standard the means of choice and when should individual developments based on SAPUI5 be considered?
  2. SAP Fiori strategy and architecture consulting
    In a fit-gap analysis, we compare your requirements with the range of standard SAP Fiori apps and existing projekt0708 best-practice apps. As a result, we identify and define your Fiori roadmap for SAP HCM.
  3. Documentation of all relevant (functional) requirements and target process flows in the form of a business blueprint document.
  4. Technical implementation
    We support you from the activation or enhancement of SAP HCM standard Fiori applications via extensions to the design and implementation of your individual solution.
  5. Prototyping for your own developments for an agile project process
  6. Test management
    Together with you we define a professional test strategy and take over the operative doing in your projects with a holistic test concept.

Your Benefits

  1. Everything from a single source: on-premise, cloud, hybrid
    As a certified consulting and implementation partner for all SAP HR software solutions, we provide you with intensive support before and after system implementation.
  2. Benefit from our in-depth technical and professional know-how
  3. Benefit from our extensive experience from national and international projects
    We are familiar with country-specific requirements and framework conditions from over 40 countries worldwide and work with you to make all the relevant preparations for global roll-out projects.
  4. Implementation power
    We develop custom-fit and individual solutions for your company's specific requirements.
  5. Innovative power
    As an early adapter and frontrunner, we bring the latest SAP solutions and technical developments to work for you (Conversational Ai, Chatbots, etc.)


What does the SAP Roadmap look like?

SuccessFactors Roadmap Grafik
SuccessFactors Roadmap Grafik

The main difference to the previous version integrated in SAP ERP is the underlying database technology: H4S4 is exclusively available for the HANA database. This means that an "upgrade-like" migration of HR data to a HANA database is required, for which SAP provides suitable migration tools and services. Existing solutions can thus be fiorized if required and you retain your individual freedom in the on-premise based SAP HR environment.

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Use Cases from the p78 Lab

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Staffing within the framework of SAP Self-Services

Our use case shows an integrative solution approach based on custom programming for dm-drogerie markt, which was implemented using SAP Fiori or SAPUI5. In this scenario, employee scheduling is created by the employee in question (ESS) as well as by his or her manager or the planner in the form of a Manager Self-Service (MSS) in the SAP HCM system.


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Overtime requests using SAP ESS/MSS Services

With the overtime request implemented by projekt0708, the responsible managers within the Manager Self-Services (MSS), but also the employees themselves, can initiate and process corresponding requests directly in the SAP system in the form of an Employee Self-Services (ESS).


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HR Digitization with SAP Processes & Forms

For companies that want to digitize or automate their HR processes, the SAP HCM Processes and Forms (P&F) framework is of particular interest. This is especially true if SAP Fiori or SAPUI5 is planned instead of the previous UI technologies.


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Digital employee­instructions

Using the SAP Fiori-based app, all employees in your company receive the instructions relevant to them on their mobile devices; they can read the instruction documents directly on their smartphone or tablet and confirm that they have taken note of them with a click. The results of the instructions are automatically stored in the SAP ERP HCM system in the form of an SAP standard infotype and can be easily retrieved and centrally evaluated.

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