Rebranding: projekt0708 becomes p78, strengthening its international presence and integration within cbs

The HR/IT service and consulting company projekt0708 GmbH announces a comprehensive rebranding of its brand. The previous brand name “projekt0708” will be replaced by “p78 - HCM practice by cbs” in order to simplify communication on an international level. The rebranding will also make p78's affiliation and professional expertise with cbs Corporate Business Solutions Unternehmensberatung GmbH even more visible.

The rebranding includes a redesigned logo that integrates a stylized human figure and a circle in the word “p78”. The circle as a key visual represents p78's holistic services along the entire employee lifecycle - from recruiting, onboarding to performance management, compensation and offboarding. The human being underlines p78's focus on always putting people at the center, both internally and in consulting. The logo is complemented by the slogan “HCM practice by cbs”, which emphasizes the affiliation and specialization within the cbs Group - HCM stands for Human Capital Management.

From projekt0708 to p78:  A new identity for global ambitions

The name “projekt0708” was originally created as a working title for the founders' “self-employment project” and reflected a phase in the company's search for its identity. This name initially remained the company name, as it symbolized the early years and the roots of the company. Over time, however, and particularly in the course of global expansion and integration into the cbs Group, the need for a linguistically simpler and more internationally resonant brand became apparent. Outside of Germany, p78 has further offices in Barcelona and Perth. The rebranding to “p78” is therefore an important step in modernizing the brand identity and improving global accessibility and appeal, while at the same time honoring the history and origins of the company. The rebranding creates a new joint brand for the entire HCM team - consisting of cbs and p78 experts. The inclusion of the cbs orange tone as a highlight color in the design of p78 underlines the innovative and future-oriented focus and visually represents the close connection to cbs.

“With the new branding, we want to appear as ‘ONE HCM’ team. In addition, we are not only strengthening our presence in international markets, but also promoting integration and collaboration within the cbs Group,” says Matthias Grün, CEO of p78. ‘The new branding represents our values and our mission to offer a first-class HR/IT service and solution portfolio.’

p78 with a new design for the first time at the DSAG Personnel Days 2024

From June 3, 2024, p78 will only be available in the new corporate design. This includes the launch of the redesigned website (, which reflects the fresh rebranding and the expanded brand identity. From this date, p78 will be visible across all touchpoints in the new design. In addition, the company will be represented at the DSAG-Personaltage on June 4 and 5 in Osnabrück, where it will present its new corporate design as part of the trade exhibition.



Türkiser Hintergrund mit weißem p78 Logo und Handschrift "Passion for HR"
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