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Hello, SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone!

The SAP Build Work Zone aims to offer companies and their employees a completely digital workspace. The Work Zone links a wide range of applications, processes and information across systems and makes them accessible on a single platform.

At the same time, the SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone, as a special feature in the HR environment, offers central access to systems, documents and content relevant to HR.

The technical basis for this cloud-based employee portal is the proven SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). 

The central entry point also for your Deskless Workforce

Employees in production, sales, technical service, logistics and numerous fields of activity with direct customer contact are those who are essential to companies. Yet they are often disconnected from the company's internal IT and communication channels. The trend toward mobile work and home offices is also continuing, which is why it is more important than ever for employees to be able to network and participate in the corporate culture.

With the SAP Work Zone, no matter where an employee works, whether at their individual office workstation, a shared office workstation, on the road and/or in the home office, both familiar on-premises and cloud applications are available to them on the go via a digital and centralized access point. All their tasks, workflows and reminders are clear, easily accessible and no longer need to be collated across different platforms. 

As a digital communication base, Work Zone enables barrier-free exchange and collaboration within work groups distributed across different locations, especially for deskless workers. The necessary access to all relevant business applications and tools is also easy in order to be able to work productively at all times.

The SAP Work Zone also focuses on the employee experience and provides your employees with an intuitive and state-of-the-art user interface for the various topics, processes, to-dos and system accesses.

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Investment protection & stability

  • 19 % Lower Training and familiarization costs
  • 73 % less IT effort e.g. for the administration of the intranet
  • 16 % time saving access to important info and expertise

Maximum flexibility & scalability

  • H4S4 offers you the basis for implementing your individual requirements on the basis of proven SAP technologies
  • The new technical possibilities of the underlying HANA database (Core Date Services) increase the performance of your SAP HCM system

Optimized user experience

  • SAP Fiori provides you with an optimal user experience: complex issues in the HCM backend system are simplified by means of consumer-like user interfaces
  • SAP Fiori Design Guidelines put the user at the center of your HR applications and ensure consistent and intuitive usability 

Your possibilities

SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone solution scope

The SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone can be used to merge a wide range of systems, the latest technologies (such as chatbots) and hybrid system landscapes (SAP SuccessFactors with SAP HCM) in the company. The Work Zone does not limit your application to SAP's own services, but also works with almost 200 third-party applications such as MS Teams, SharePoint or Google Drive. This means that with SAP Work Zone you have access to all connectors of the SAP Business Technology Platform.

In summary, SAP Work Zone is an "integration solution" that unifies multiple distributed systems and technologies to significantly improve employee engagement, productivity, and digital experience.


Use cases of the SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone

Desktop und Smartphonebildschirm mit der SAP Workzone.
The SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone homepage is the central entry point for your employees - whether as a modern intranet or access point for all relevant information, processes and systems.
Desktop und Smartphonebildschirm mit der SAP Workzone.
The integration of all relevant business applications, SAP BTP services, workflows and the display of content from applications and websites is possible within a standardized user interface using SAP Work Zone. This allows you to create and provide your own dashboard for your employees as shown above.
Desktop und Smartphonebildschirm mit der SAP Workzone.
The SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone can provide your employees with role-based access to the relevant applications (e.g. Employee and Manager Self-Services) using Fiori Launchpad, among other things.
Desktop und Smartphonebildschirm mit der SAP Workzone.
The exemplary workspace “IT Zone” is intended to demonstrate the possibilities for individual workspaces that are designed to promote simple collaboration and the exchange of information within the workforce. These knowledge bases or learning spaces enable employees to network and exchange knowledge (e.g. also in the context of on-boarding).
Desktop und Smartphonebildschirm mit der SAP Workzone.
The exemplary area of the HR Zone can give employees quick access to their own profile, their leave quota or their associated organizational chart, for example. Furthermore, you can collect and provide all HR-relevant workflows, feeds, reminders, events, content, surveys, etc. in one central location.


SAP Innovation Award Winner

Together with our client company PILLER Blowers & Compressors GmbH, projekt0708 was awarded the SAP Innovation Award 2024 in the "Experience Wizard" category for the project "Built with SAP Build the future workplace" or PILLERConnect.

With PILLERConnect, we and our partner are focusing on a holistic implementation of the SAP Build product family with a focus on the SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone. The created digital employee platform enables all employees to access all important processes, applications and data - across all devices and locations.

Find out more in our success story

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