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Demand-oriented support and further development of sap ESS/MSS and e-recruiting

Long-Term Digitization of HR Processes in the Healthcare Sector

Company / Industry
University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz / Healthcare

Range of Services
Medicine, research, and education in around 60 clinics, institutions, and departments.Medical care for 300,000 people annually. Training of 3,000 medical and dental students and 650 trainees in healthcare, commercial, and technical professions. Approximately 8,600 employees.


Digitization in the healthcare sector is a particular challenge for institutions. This also and especially applies to the human resources department. Medical, nursing and research institutions generate large amounts of data for HR due to a wide range of processes. Implementing digitization strategies is indispensable for efficient operation in the long term. However, costs and institutional decision-making processes are often a challenge when transferring established and often analog systems to a modern and digital standard.

Besides uncomplicated and reliable systems, the healthcare sector often requires personnel and technical support in the digitalization process. This does not end with the selection and implementation of a suitable system. The systems’ further development and adaptation to changed working and general conditions are indispensable and often require a qualified partner. Furthermore, the permanent reliability and availability of the system are basic requirements that a competent partner can cover through comprehensive application management (AM).

With projekt0708, the University Medical Center Mainz has chosen an experienced and certified implementation partner and laid the foundation for a long-standing, trusting, and reliable partnership concerning support services and the continuous adaptation and further development of the system.


Digitization and Centralization

The University Medical Center Mainz is one of the largest employers in the region, with around 8,600 employees. Due to its size, human resources management is a daily challenge that can no longer be overcome in the long term with “traditional” means. This affects both HR management and, above all, recruiting.

The decision to improve the efficiency of the entire application management process through digitization and centralization was made in Mainz as early as 2012. The previously analog, predominantly paper-based process was increasingly proving to be outdated. Especially the decision-making processes in recruiting—which, due to the organizational structure of the University Medical Center Mainz, usually take place over several instances—were to be significantly optimized and shortened through digitization and the resulting possibility of central access to applicant data.

As a result of the organizational structure and associated coordination processes on the part of University Medical Center Mainz, and following the decision in favor of a preconfigured system with a correspondingly higher need for customization, the on-premise-based SAP E-Recruiting system was implemented and has been in use since the end of 2016. 

The implementation of SAP ESS/MSS by projekt0708 in 2012/2013 was accompanied by a far-reaching reform of the HR system. The system establishes extensive self-services for employees (ESS) and central access to HR data for managers (MSS). By digitizing recurring processes, Mainz Medical Center achieves a significant reduction in processing time and effort. The access to duty rosters and time accounts, and the simple overview of HR data such as organizational assignment or attendance and absence times, increase transparency and reduce administrative costs.

„We continue to successively address current topics and assume that there will also be changes and adjustments to be made in the future, which we will address with the professional support of projekt0708.”
Anja Oberländer
Head of Human Resources and Development, University Medical Center Mainz
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projekt0708 — Long-Term Competence

Per the University Medical Center Mainz requirements as a corporation under public law, the decision to choose projekt0708 was also made within the framework of a regulated tendering process. The Munich-based IT service and consulting company was able to assert itself as an official SAP Gold Partner among a selection of different applicants. The system solution offered also played a decisive role in this decision. The SAP E-Recruiting solution met the University Medical Center Mainz requirements regarding the planned centralization and digitization of applicant management. The primary need was a solution that was up-to-date but not cloud-based.

Right after completing the previous implementation of SAP ESS/MSS and again after the go-live of e-recruiting, it became apparent that the systems would have to be further developed to meet changing requirements and conditions in the long term optimally.

The system’s constant, reliable, and error-free functioning is of existential importance, especially in healthcare. System failures can have more than just economic consequences.

Therefore, a central contact person who competently supports and accompanies the in-house IT department in system-specific questions is just as crucial as selecting a suitable system and its implementation in line with requirements.

Assistance as an Individual Support Service

„For University Medical Center Mainz, a reliable IT service provider is the basis for secure and efficient IT. project0708 has been providing us with this reliability for years now. Change requests are implemented in a high-quality and flexible manner.”
Oliver Kieborz
Head of Personnel Systems and Time Management, University Medical Center Mainz

We offer each of our customers the appropriate support model,” explains Thomas Korte, Senior Consultant at projekt0708 and central contact person at University Medical Center Mainz. “The internal IT department of University Medical Center Mainz is already doing a great job maintaining the systems. Thus, our task is essentially to further develop and address ‘tough nuts.’”

The support provided by projekt0708 is flexible and needs-based. projekt0708 is consulted whenever the internal analysis indicates a task that cannot be handled independently with existing resources and specific know-how.

Since the fundamental implementation was completed, the system has been repeatedly adapted and further developed. Besides necessary updates (technical but also legal changes), it was necessary, for example, to revise the tender layout and add functions such as multiple selections when forwarding candidates. The subject of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) also necessitated more extensive work on the system in the context of the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO) provisions. The comprehensive use of the system could be further optimized with subsequently implemented workflows to automate work processes.

“Experience has shown that it is only when the system is in practical use that users realize which adjustments still need to be made,” says Korte.

This results in a total demand for support and further development that, in phases, ranges from three to four days per month.

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Support with Foresight

In the case of University Medical Center Mainz, classic primary or secondary level support by projekt0708 plays a subordinate role due to its expertise. However, this is where the boundaries between accompanying support and continuous, demand-driven further development in the context of change requests, updates, or performance optimizations become blurred.

“We continue to successively address current topics and assume that there will also be changes and adjustments in the future, which we will address appropriately with the professional support of projekt0708,” explains Anja Oberländer, Head of Human Resources and Development at University Medical Center Mainz.

This creates new projects that are implemented as part of the support service. The further development of SAP ESS/MSS based on SAP Fiori has been underway since February 2021 and is scheduled to be completed in three phases by 2022.

“The know-how of the competent projekt0708 colleagues and their ability to think outside the box contribute to the permanent availability and full functionality of our HR systems,” emphasizes Oliver Kieborz, Head of Personnel Systems and Time Management at University Medical Center Mainz.

„The know-how of the competent projekt0708 colleagues and their ability to think outside the box contribute to the permanent availability and full functionality of our HR systems.”
Oliver Kieborz
Head of Personnel Systems and Time Management, University Medical Center Mainz
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